This is DogeTipRocket v 0.1 is up and ready to roll!

How to play:

Tip the people on the sides, dodge the traffic and traffic cones, see how long you can last. That's about it for now. (Need to learn how to do a high-score table next!)

Yes, this is difficult on purpose. You're going to die a lot.  It ain't easy flying a rocket into traffic to throw handfuls of money at strangers ;D)

About the Project:

This game was made by myself and @Pinguino (who did the art) in one week. I'd never touched Unity before this and definitely had a lot of help via a TON of YouTube tutorials. A huge thanks to @Jared_Parkinson who stepped up large to help me debug this thing because, also not being a coder, I was totally in over my head!

That said, I've definitely been bitten by the bug and I want to keep this project moving because there's still a LOT that I want to add - more stages, powerups, BOSSES (yay!).

Please consider this a proof of concept with more to come down the line! :D)

Thanks so much for giving this a try and I'd really love to hear your feedback!

Much Love,


Made withUnity


Download 7 MB

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